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Property Tax Exemptions and Burnet and Llano County Tax Rates

The use of the property as of January 1, determines which exemptions you may qualify for.  You may apply for exemptions between January 1, and April 30.

      Application for Residence Homestead Exemption

Exemptions that you may qualify for on your personal residence:

All homeowners: $15,000 reduction in the value of your property for School Taxes,
Over 65 Exemptions
You will receive an additional $10,000 reduction in the value of your property for School Taxes.  Any taxing unit has the option to offer a $3,000 exemption, including a school district,  As of this writing the Marble Falls ISD had a $13,000 over-65 exception.
In addition to the over-65 homestead exemption, you also qualify for a “tax ceiling” for your total school taxes.  The school taxes on your home cannot increase as long as you own and live in that home.
Other taxing entities have a option to offer a "tax-ceiling".  The Appraisal District can give you more information regarding this.   Improvements to your home, other than normal repairs and maintenance will cause your tax ceiling to go up.    If you purchase another home in Texas, you may transfer the percentage of school taxes paid.  For example if your tax ceiling on your former home reduced your tax liability to 25% of the actual school taxes due, you would only pay 25% of the school taxes of your new home.. You should request a certificate from the appraisal district for the former home to take to the appraisal district for your new home.   Other Exemptions   Disability Homestead - $25,000 on School Taxes   Disabled Veterans - Between $5,000 to $27,000 on School Taxes   Other taxing entities may provide exemptions.  The Appraisal District can provide additional information regarding this.   For additional information go to this State of Texas publication:   Taxpayer's Rights and Remedies and Responsibilities         

Property Tax Rates

Burnet County 2010 Cumlative Property Tax Rates if you live inside the city of: 

 City of Marble Falls $2.3135
City of Horseshoe Bay $1.9480 
City of Granite Shoals $2.1118
Highland Haven $1.7418
City ofBurnet $2.2715
 Bertram  $2.1841
Cottonwood Shores $2.170
Meadowlakes $1.9690


The following rates apply to properties that are not under the jurisdiction of a city taxing authority:


Marble Falls ISD $1.670

Burnet ISD $1.745

Burnet ISD and Kingsland MUD ($0.250)  $1.875


Properties not in the city limits may also be in the taxing jurisdiction of the following entity:


Burnet ESD (Emergency Service District) $0.0295


These figures are not inclusive of all possible property tax scenarios. For specific property tax rates contact the Burnet County Appraisal District, (512)756-8291.


Llano County 2010 Composite Property Tax Rates if you live within the following city limits:.     

City of Llano $1.8801
City of Sunrise Beach $1.63558
City of Horseshoe Bay (Llano ISD & Llano Co) $1.7681
City of Blue Lake (Located in Llano CO MUD 1) $1.8026
Deer Haven Area (Located in Llano Emergency Serv. Dist) $1.65310

The following cumlative rates apply to properties that are not under the jurisdiction of a city or MUD taxing authority:

Unincorporated Llano County  $1.5201


These figures are not inclusive of all possible property tax scenarios.  For specific property tax rates contact the

Llano County Appraisal District (325)247-3065.


Important Dates

January 1 - April 30 -File for Homestead Exemption

January 1- April 30 -  Appraisal District Makes Value Determinations

May 15 - Property owners may protest property values, and lack of exemptions

August or September, Taxing entites adopt tax rates for the current year

October 1 - Tax bills are sent out

January 31 - Deadline to pay property taxes without penality

Did you know?

The Appraisal District may not increase the appraised value of your homestead by more than 10% per year; however they can increase it by 10% per each year since that homes last appraisal as a homestead.

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